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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stay strong

Believe me when i tell you this--

There had been days when i felt so weak. I felt so lost that i couldnt find my way back. I fell so deep that i didnt know how to climb out. I was in so much of darkness that i afraid to see the light.

Believe me when i tell you this --

I had been crying throughout the nights and faked a smile throughout the days. My chest felt like bursting that i didnt know how to control. I was in so much of pain that i thought i would die. I wanted to be alone that i hated anyone to come to my way. I walked, but my soul was not inside my body. 

Believe me when i tell you this -- 

Allah was the one who kept me going. With all His mercy, He helped me to climb, He helped me to walk, and He helped me to see the light. He sent me a lot of wonderful companions that patiently said -- it's okay Mas, take your time. We will wait here, right outside the hole that you dig. 

Believe me when i tell you this --

It takes time. I know, the test that you are facing now is not easy. I know how broken you are now, i know how much of strength it takes to create a smile. I know, but it takes time. For your heart to heal -- it takes time.

Believe me when i tell you this -- 

How much Allah had helped me previously, He will help you too, and one day you will wake up like nothing bad had happened to you. You will feel fresh like a newborn baby. You will realize how much Allah had saved you from danger. The broken heart that you thought was a bad thing, was actually something that saved you. 

Believe me when i tell you this --

Allah uses broken things beautifully. Broken clouds pour rain, broken soil sets as fields, broken crop yield seeds, broken seeds give life to new plants. So when you feel that you are broken, be rest assured that Allah is planning to utilize you for something great. 

Believe me when i tell you this --

It is just a training for you to become a better person. Allah is always there to help you, and the question is --

Will you allow Him to do so? 

Have faith, run to Him -- for Allah to abandon you is impossible. 

Much love,
Mastura. :)

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