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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Marriage is not a competition

I always meet with certain people who loves to give advice like "tak payahlah sambung belajar nanti tak de lelaki nak" 

Normally i will just stay quiet knowing there's no use in arguing about this,


one day i met with the most extreme someone who said "tak payahlahh belajar tinggi tinggi. Buat apa? Lelaki nak dekat pun takut." And she started to point here and there "tengok anak makcik tu, tengok anak makcik ni"

That time i couldnt put my feelings grounded anymore i didnt even realise when did i open my mouth and said, "baguslah macamtu, at least saya boleh tapis siapa lelaki yang berkualiti, lelaki macamtu sah sah tak boleh jadikan suami, pendidikan isteri pun dia tak peduli, anak-anak nanti apatah lagi." 

That someone looked perplexed, i went away. 

I mean -- who cares anyway? Women aren't born to be ignored an education. 

Dulu zaman nabi dan sahabat, masyarakat jadi hebat sebab wanita-wanitanya berpendidikan. Wanita-wanita tidak dihalang menuntut ilmu malah digalakkan menuntut setinggi mungkin. Saidatina Aisyah juga dinobatkan sebagai perawi hadith terhebat, beliau juga adalah pengajar kepada yang lainnya. 

Bukankah wanita itu madrasah pertama buat anak-anaknya? 

Why do people take marriage as a competition? like you cant enter jannah if u dont do so. Then after they got married what else will you ask? When to have babies? When to add up more? And the question will go on -- unstoppable. 

I mean, every person has their own ambition, their own turbulance. cant we just give support and cheer them up? If u dont have any idea to start a conversation and come to think about these irritating questions -- just dont bother about talking anyway, talk only when you think your talking is better than your silence. 

Just because other people dont have what you have, doesnt mean they are less happier than you are.

To educate a child, is to turn walls into doors.

Salam cinta :)

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