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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Student Life

*I wrote this article for our new-born-family-blog (my brother asked me to write the article in english..) So, here it is! My simple article (forget about the broken grammer and mistakes here and there). Do comment yea because I do not know you readers like english or malay most.

“How did you study?” The same question came through my ears, hitting my eardrums well. Hm, as for to be honest and true (ehem) I am not in the science field as my sister and brother do, I am actually too far from science and stuff because I hate it since I was born ☺

People often asked me: So why did you enter MRSM?

Ok, fine I’ve no answer for that. Maybe it was a faith and I was too young to think about my future (really?). Maybe Allah wanted me to learn something there, you know, everything happened for a reason, right?

I am now studying in business administration with e-commerce. Oh well, it is not as easy as all of you thought it was. Business stuff, when you combine it with all the IT stuff, you MAY become crazy if you do not have patience inside.

“I am stress.” Once, I said that.

“Be patient” A friend said that to me.

“I can’t.” My face turned serious, all the responsibilities and studies, (for your information, in my university it is compulsory too for degree students to memorize the 30th juzu’ of the quran) came through my mind, like a slideshow being played!

“The root of patience is bitter but the fruits are sweet.” She said that. Only that word,but what a magic, it made me calm.

I know and understand, being a student is not really as easy as abc plus if you are studying something that you don’t even have interest in it but yeah, everything must have reasons to it.

Back to the main topic ( I talk a lot,huh) how did I study. Oh yeah well, my results were not really flying colour like yours, but maybe it can be considered as okay. Actually, to be honest, seriously I could not achieve that result if my God (Allah) did not help me.

Some people study much but understand less but some study less and understand much. How are we going to memorize all the things that we learned if God do not allow us to do so.

I am not the type of person who most of the time were spent to the books. No, I have my own life too. I do read books, but not so often, though.

So… this is the really real story. Last Semester I took two subjects which I did not confident to score. Well, sometimes I felt like I came to class just for the attendance, I entered with zero information and came out with zero too. No less nor more. It was just a zero. Yes. A BIG zero.

However, Alhamdulillah I did not forget to pray sharp at time and do the ‘added’ prayer too something like dhuha,taubat (what am I babbling?)

When the time came for the final examination, I studied not so hard, it was just I studied when my mood felt like studying and I prayed, yeah I prayed a lot to Allah because once I was told not to be rude to Allah because He was the one who gave us everything. Yes, everything, nothing in this world were ours.

I had done my part. I studied and prayed. So when the exam papers were in front of me, I answered what I could. I did not target much.

Time flew, and the result came out. I was really-really afraid. I closed the transcript with my hand and looked at it slowwwwly, a real slow movement. I was shocked! I got all A’s except IT which was a B+.

When people said congratulation, I couldn’t say much but “It was not me, it was Allah who helped me.”

Yeah it’s true, sometimes you felt like you would not even score, but when He said you will then you will really score.

Sometimes you felt like your problems could not be solved but when He said you can, you can really solve it.

Do the work, and pray to Him,The Most Gracious.

A student life is a hectic but memorable stage of life.

Remember, there’s no goodbye for problems.

It is just, see you soon!

Be patient and keep moving on.



Anonymous said...

i like this one d most

-chy mlmku-

Mastura Mohd Yusuf said...

yes? and the reason is?


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