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Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to face the problems?

"How to be strong? How to be tough?" I was being 'smashed' with this type of question for a few times.

People might think that I am tough,strong or anything else, but who actually knows, sometimes my heart was bleeding when i curved a smile?

Who said that i never shed a tear? In fact, my eyes always looked like a panda as i cried a lot.

Sometimes, you can't really judge a book by it's cover, I am not strong though to give people advices about how to be strong, but I agree that sharing is caring, so here are the tips.

1. Allah is always there

You know what, you are what you think and Allah is always there with your thought. So friends, when you are really down and you don't know what to do plus you dont know who to tell to, you can always put this in your heart, deep down inside...

Allah is always there, to calm your heart, to overcome your fears, to always be an ear for you to tell anything, He once said in the Quran :

"Call upon Me; I will respond to you." (Al-Ghafir :60)

"Why sister, I prayed to Him for hundred times but i can't see any of them is answered."

Yeah brothers and sisters actually Allah answers prayers in 3 ways :

1) He gives you what you want.
2) He says wait and gives you something better.
3) He says no, and gives you the best!

Sometimes, actually Allah had answered our prayers it's just that we are the one who didn't realize it. Just see this one thing; He still let us to breath His air eventhough we have made a lot of sins.

Seeeee... How generous He is! Just pray to Him and have a belief inside.

Think Positive

Always think positive. You know what, everything in this world has two sides which are dark and light. If you tend to look at the darker side of the world, nothing good is going to happen.


Because my dear friends... Once you think negatively, your mind will be corrupted, your mood will go down and your self esteem will get worse day by day. And the result is that you can't even improve yourself to be someone better.Let me give you an example :

When it is raining and you are going home, without any umbrella nor raincoat, you may feel stress, how to walk along the road.... But! if you think that it's okay, the rain is going to stop later, take a rest and realize that the rain will make the trees healthier and will not make the earth extremely hot, you will feel better.

The choice is yours, to look at the darker or lighter side. Just remember, you are what you think. The things that you are thinking is really going to happen.

Once a motivator said to the audience : " When you made a mistake and you think that your dad will scold you, that will happen, think that your dad won't scold you and that will happen."

You know what, it is proven. A wife who has negative thought towards her husband like her husband is having an affair or what, then one day she will find that her husband is really having an affair with someone else.

So friends... Just think positive and your spirit will boost up!

Search for the solution

Well well, after you have pray and think positively... remember one thing :

Do not THINK of the problem but THINK of the SOLUTION!

Things won't get better if you just keep your mind on it, it will be something better if and only if you take a single step to think of the solution. Remember.... a long journey begins with a single step!

So so and so my dearest friends.... Problems are normal, if you don't have any problems, you are not a normal human being. At least, keep in your mind that this is the only way that Allah can remind you to think and be close to him.

At least, you remember.... if you are in a bad situation, there is someone in this world who is in a worse situation. Be calm and cry to Allah...

He will never harm you, it is just that you are the one who harm yourself :)

So keep the smile on your face, make a step and keep moving on!

Best of luck friends :)


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