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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Problems? Face It!

Face the problems and be the winner!

“WHYYYY…. Why Allah gave me this problem. Why He chose me, not the other people? Whyyy??” She cried.

I kept silent. It would be no meaning for you to say, “Hey, Allah knows best.” Or “Hello friends, Allah will only give the trouble to those who can adapt with it.”

No no no. Do you think that people with a very-down emotion would listen to those words? Yes maybe there are a few who would listen, but as a precaution, please do keep silent and let your friends cry first because those words that comes through your mouth would be non-pleasant for them to hear eventhough it is true.

Hm… Suddenly I remember about a motivating story that was told by a motivator at my college.

Once upon a time… (oh what a common start)

Let’s change.

Few years back in Japan, when people still rely their lives to the sea, where fishes could be seen just at the edge of the sea…. There came a trouble, a BIG trouble.

On one cloudy day, the fishes at the edge of the sea were gone. Nothing left for them to catch. The citizens were very angry to the fishermen; they need fishes to make sushi! They cried and shouted, making the fishermen at a very high pressure.

So… All the fishermen made a meeting.

“What should we do?” One of them asked with a messy face.

“We have no choice, we have to go to the middle of the sea to catch those fishes.” The other fisherman gave suggestion.

Without having any option, they finally agreed eventhough to go to the middle of the sea and come back to the land would worth them a day.

After they finished their jobs at the middle of the sea, they came back to the land, but with a dead fishes.

What a bad luck, the citizens were not satisfied. They claimed that their sushi were not as tasty as before.

Again, the fishermen made a meeting.

“How about if we bring a tank of water so that we can put all the caught fishes into the tank.” A fisherman came with an idea.

Yeah, the rest of them agreed.

So… They did their jobs again at the middle of the sea, but this time they came with live fishes. They knew that the citizens would be happy. Yes, of course they would be happy, what’s more that they were craving for other than live fishes.

However…… The citizens were again very angry; the fishes were not as tasty as before. No one was interested to buy those fishes.

A meeting was held for the third time.

The fishermen were all silent for half an hour.

Suddenly one of them stood up and said, “How about we put a little shark into the tank?”

The rest of them looked at him with a big question mark.

“We put a little shark into the tank, so the caught fishes will not stay still, they will be hunted by that shark until we reach the land.” He continued.

“So?” They asked.

“So… I am sure that the active movement of those fishes would make them tasty.”

The fishermen were still blur but they agreed. What other option that they had?

They went to the sea, caught fishes and put them into a tank with a little shark in it.

They reached the land and sold those live fishes.

And the citizens were very happy! At last the fishes were as tasty as before…. And finally they lived happily ever after :D

So friends!

To apply it to the real world, the shark is the problems and obstacles that we are facing, like what I said in previous post, there is no goodbye for problems because we will face many obstacles through out our lives.

However, like the fish, the problems will make us stronger, healthier and we will be tougher to face another obstacles. Let’s look. A child who is never being scold will give a tantrum once he/she is being criticized.

Why is that so?

Because the child never face the little trouble (being scold) and suddenly he/she is facing a big trouble (being criticized.)

Now, do you see that? Allah gave us a step-by-step guide to face our problems later. It is later, we - who develop the patience and be matured through times. Of course a great people would learn from experiences and mistakes.

Hey friends!

It is really true – Allah knows best.


Hello friends! He will only give trouble to those who can adapt. He knows you better than you know yourself, though.

Do not afraid to face the problems because you are never alone, He is always there, to those who believe...

May today is better than yesterday.

See you soon. ☺

**Again,i copy pasted this article which i typed for our new-born family blog.

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